The historical village of Stellata, which lies within the Bondeno municipality, rises against the right bank of the river Po and is renowned for its star-shaped fortress.  This area is located in the Emilia Romagna region, also bordering both Veneto and Lombardia.  It is rich in history, some of which has yet to be discovered.

If you head out of the village along the river bank and follow the “Destra Po” cycle path past the mouth of the Panaro river, you will reach Malcantone and encounter a secluded, tranquil and magical place.  The CORTE STELLATA rural complex is set between the green countryside and the flood plains of the river Po and is protected by the river’s generous and imposing banks.  Dating back to the 18th and 19th century, the complex was once owned by the noble Pepoli family and comprises a farmhouse, an old stable and a barn, surrounded by14,000 square metresof land.

The house still displays an original terracotta panel engraved with the acronym DDP (Domus Dominus Pepolus), indicating that the complex belonged to the Pepoli family.

In the 19th century, land surveyors from Ferrara, who described in their writings the various estates of this noble family, named the farmhouse and its land as “Possessione il Boscone”.

The barn has been renovated and turned into three apartments, transforming it into a haven for travellers seeking peace, nature and history in a traditional setting, providing visitors with an authentic  experience rarely found elsewhere.

Ideally suited to a holiday in tune with the slow and relaxing rhythms of nature, Corte Stellata is a convenient starting point for trekking and cycling along stimulating nature trails, providing itineraries encompassing food, wine, art and culture or simply offering peace and relaxation.