Despite having travelled along the right bank of the Po endless times by car and bicycle in every season, one summer’s day we were offered an unexpected surprise: Fondo il Boscone and its annexed farmhouse under the river bank were for sale. 

This discovery came to us as a bolt from the blue; we had been dreaming for a long time of creating an island of peace in this area, where our guests could forget the concerns of everyday life, while we shared with them the strong feelings that connect us to local traditional values.

We were born and grew up in these lands of water and are intimately bound to them and their deep rooted customs.

To us, these places evoke tender childhood and teenage memories, reminding us of summers spent immersed in surreal tranquillity and of carefree cycle rides along the river banks, surrounded by the waters of the rivers and canals.

We immediately embarked on a new adventure, negotiating the purchase and then planning and carrying out the renovations.

During this period, we rediscovered and reevaluated our origins and found the dominant element to be WATER.  Looking around, we find signs of the presence of water everywhere throughout the never-ending countryside…  

Here everything pays tribute to imperfection, the passing of time leaving its mark on all manmade objects, making them unique and inimitable; every surface has a story to tell.

We were not perturbed by the challenge presented by these 200 year old walls.  On the contrary, we saw the historic features as a great advantage: the ancient arches in the stable with their characteristic columns, the partly tiled and partly wood ceilings and the old, weathered roof-tiles.

It almost seems that preserved between these old bricks exists something enchanting, familiar, seductive…

We cleaned each brick, brushed the handmade roof-tiles and visited a variety of antique markets, in order to recreate the look and enchanted atmosphere of the house as it was in the 1800’s.

The barn has now been transformed into a comfortable holiday home, residing in an idyllic countryside setting.  Guests are gently welcomed by its warm, rustic interior, lovingly furnished with antique furniture and precious materials.

Some of the antique furniture, having typical rural style, already belonged to our families, while the rest was bought at local second-hand shops and antiques fairs.

The house is permeated by warm colours, which are enhanced by the light of sunrise and sunset.  In the apartments, all tableware is antique and belonged to the family, while the linens were exquisitely made by Granny Elettra.